Prestige Lecture: Suzie Imber: Scientist, Mountaineer, Astronaut

24 January 2019 at 6:30 pm – tea/coffee, 7:00 pm – start

We are delighted to announce that Dr Suzie Imber, Associate Professor of planetary science at the University of Leicester, and winner of BBC2 series “Astronauts: Do you have what it takes” has agreed to give our Prestige Lecture this winter in Lincoln.

The lecture finishes at 20:20 followed by an informal discussion with the speaker and light refreshments.

Isaac Newton Lecture Theatre, Isaac Newton Building, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, LN6 7TS Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Lincoln, United Kingdom

To book a place email to: Debra Brown (

10 thoughts on “Prestige Lecture: Suzie Imber: Scientist, Mountaineer, Astronaut

  1. Very interesting and informative. Suzie was an entertaining speaker, who surely will inspire the youngsters who were able to attend. Well done to her for getting into schools. Thank you also to the caterers who provided the unexpected treats afterwards.


  2. Fred daCosta

    The lecturer was excellent and came across as a remarkable woman. Also the incredible refreshments looked wonderful although I did not stop to partake!


  3. John

    A really engaging and inspiring talk. He’s less interested in quantum physics and more in planets that’s to Suzie’s talk and answers to his questions.
    Well done for further inspiring a young mind


  4. Jean Matson

    An excellent lecture, particularly engaging to enthuse those who could be inspired to emulate such a lively speaker & a highly-intelligent, multi-skilled woman. She has a multitude of talents & interests, an ability to answer questions in terms that lay people understand & her vivacity for life & investigating solutions from a scientific aspect kept the audience enthralled throughout.


  5. A Henson

    An inspirational lecture showing how hard work and dedication across a number of disciplines – physics, mountaineering, rowing – have come together (with a soupcon of luck) to enable her to achieve amazing things.

    I would strongly recommend this lecture to young people.

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  6. Letter from Mr Mervyn Whiting:

    At the lecture last Thursday you alluded to those who “might be a little shy” to speak up at the question time. I am one of those people but I’d like you to know how great a privilege it is for me to be able to attend such beautifully presented lectures as those given by Prof. Don Kurtz for instance. I have been to most of the open lectures given by all departments over the past 10 years and particularly enjoy the physics ones.
    I started at secondary school in 1941 and my education was blighted by
    the war when we lost most of our able teachers to the war effort. On the plus
    side the “blackout” did enable us to have incredible views of the heavens with sightings of the aurora, shooting stars, comets, etc. which fed my interest in the wonders of the universe.
    My family have all had the advantage of higher education and one of my grandsons studied Astro physics at Oxford while his cousins became Drs. one studying medicine at Cambridge. Going to the lectures has enabled me to keep up to date with latest developments and have intelligent conversations with them. So many thanks to you and the University for giving us local residents the opportunity to attend such mind stretching lectures. Looking forward to the Charlotte Scott lecture which should prove very interesting.

    Thanks once again. Mervyn Whiting

    P.S. At 90 this year does that make me your oldest student?


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